Ronaldo on Messi: ‘I never believed him to be an adversary’

 Ronaldo on Messi: ‘I never believed him to be an adversary’

Cristiano Rolando said he has constantly managed everything marvelously with Lionel Messi and never believed him to be a rival coming to fruition to scoring twice in Juveniles’ 3-0 win over Barcelona in the Champions League on Tuesday.

Ronaldo, 35, scored two requests as the Italian managers completed Barca’s 38-game unbeaten run at home in Europe to show up at the last 16 as get-together champs. Barca progress as different people.

It was the essential party among Ronaldo and Messi in more than two years, since the Portuguese forward left Real Madrid for Juventus in 2018.

“I have reliably had an alluring relationship with Messi,” Ronaldo told Movistar after the game. “As I have said ahead of time, for 12, 13, 14 years [I have been] offering prizes to him.

“I never confided in him to be an enemy. He for the most part attempted the best for his get-together, and I attempted the best for mine. I by and large managed everything honorably with him. I am sure he will say the identical if you ask him.

“Eventually, we know in football, people constantly look for a challenge to make more critical energy.”

Messi, 33, and Ronaldo, who between them have won the Ballon d’Or in 11 of the past 12 years, came to depict the Clasico challenge among Barca and Real Madrid over the earlier decade.

Regardless, both end up in the last occasions of their positions now, and their specific sides have exacerbated than run of the mill beginnings to their social affair endeavors locally.

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